Magical Butter fills us in on the Champs counterculture trade show

Magical Butter Australia is a huge supporter of the Aussie scene

One of the main brands in the small but ever-growing Oz cannabis scene is Magical Butter. As well as selling its MB2E device to make herbal infusion as easy as pushing a button, Magical Butter Australia is a huge supporter of the scene, sponsoring events such as the Free Cannabis Picnics and the HHI expo. Dopamine speaks with a team rep to hear a bit more about the company does.

What is MagicalButter.com? What do you do?

We manufacture a cooking device that allows you to create your own herbal infused butters, oils and tinctures. This allows you to create pretty well anything that can be herb infused. The machine has helped thousands across the world to create their own medicines and treatments to help with pain, nausea, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, colitis, skin conditions and even types of cancers, among many other things. We like the term “Eat To Treat” – in other words, eat cannabis to treat your illness.

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 What are some of your favourite recipes?

Our Gummy Bears are definitely an all-time favourite. They are made by doing an alcohol infusion – the alcohol is cooked off and a gelatin mix is added. Then there’s the tomato sauce, the bolognaise sauce or our topical balm recipe, which all use a coconut oil infusion. Of course, we can’t go past a good Magical Butter cake, muffin or brownie either. Check out this edible healing salve recipe.

Your Australian managing director was over in Vegas for the Champs counterculture trade shows and a tour of some Colorado dispensaries. What did he have to say about it?

Nathan White (pictured top with RAW papers founder Josh Kesselman) attended some events, and it was a great experience. There are loads of innovative products to hit the shelves across Australia in the coming 12 months – it’s very exciting. The CBD space is expanding exponentially. The cannabis market in other countries is simply booming. Many companies and investors are capitalising on a very rapidly growing market.

Taking tours through dispensaries in Colorado is always eye-opening and simply amazing. The technologies and diversity of strains and derived products that are available are phenomenal.

Champs Trade Show - Las Vegas, Nevada

Champs Trade Show – Las Vegas, Nevada

They sell everything from high CBD raw herb for making your own CBD-based medicines, high THC (30%+) raw herb for cooking, smoking and making very potent medicines, to women’s feminine products to aid in the pain of menstruation, all completely natural. It’s very cool and exciting to see what could be done.

 How do you feel about the legalisation of medical cannabis?

We in Australia are very far behind the rest of the world when it comes to legislation to legalise cannabis. The obvious control over our health by our government and big pharmaceutical companies is an absolute joke. In all other countries we have attended, the cannabis industry thinks the Australian laws are pathetic and they do more harm than good.

We need to adopt industry models like those found in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California and even parts of Florida, and soon in Nevada, allowing any person over the age of 21 to make their own decision on how to consume cannabis, medicinally or recreationally, and purchase from a dispensary.

 What new things have you got coming up in 2017?

We are bringing out our chef Joey Galeano from the US to MardiGrass 2017 to do some cooking demonstrations. We are also attending the Health, Hemp and Industry Expo after MardiGrass for more demonstrations and information sessions. Our product range is expanding, and we will soon have a number of new, unique products that will aid both the medical market and the recreational one.

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