Automated Cone Filling Machines: All the Details You Should Know

Can you roll 2,000 joints in an hour?

Although consuming cannabis in various forms is not a taboo topic anymore, many people still rely on what they know best — rolling joints. However, an increasing number of dispensaries and weed shops have appeared worldwide, allowing consumers to experience a different kind of high. People can choose what suits them best, whether it’s edibles, essential oils, or blunts. 

That’s how automated cone filling and packaging machines gained popularity — consumers simply started to prefer professionally rolled joints and hermetically packaged products. But what do you actually know about these machines? Are they as good as you think they are? We’ve got all the answers right here, so read on.

What Are Automated Cone Filling Machines?

It’s not hard to figure out the purpose of the machine, as the name says it all. These machines rely on automated processes that fill up pre-rolled cones, delivering joints of the same consistency and finish. Since the process is automated, the device can fill hundreds of previously rolled cones in a minute. For example, an automated pre roll & cone filling machine by Hefestus can deliver around 2,000 cones every hour, significantly outperforming manual rolling. 

Thanks to these machines, you can expect to maximize your production capacity and efficiency almost immediately. Moreover, despite these machines being pretty pricey, you can expect a return on investment in only a few weeks. There’s little negative to be said about these automated machines as they consistently produce great joints.

How Do These Machines Work?

Automated machines use a loading system or a tray for empty cones and various processes that depend on the model to fill up those cones. The most popular method for filling the cones is through vibration, as the machine uses the same vibration level to fill up every cone, ensuring that they do not differ much in volume. Take a look at this automatic pre-roll machine video to gain a better understanding of the process.

Other methods include single-cone filling and bumper or shaker machines. As the name suggests, single-cone filling allows only one cone to be filled at a time instead of dozens, like with other devices. On the other hand, bumper box machines require manual shaking, making the whole process a bit messier than necessary.

Why Opt for a Pre-Roll Machine?

There are plenty of reasons why an automated pre-roll machine is a better option for delivering joints than manual rolling. Here are some advantages that have made these machines’ popularity skyrocket.

  • Ease of use — Many dispensaries choose to invest in pre-roll machines as they are easy to operate. Although they might seem complicated, they come with handy manuals that any employee can master in a day.
  • Uniform joints — When manually rolling joints, you never know what you will get in size, volume, and shape. With a machine, you can count on every joint looking and feeling the same, whether it’s for personal use or wholesale.
  • Manufacturing speed — One of the most important things these machines deliver is manufacturing speed. Hand rolling takes time, and even a dozen hands cannot produce the same amount of joints as one machine can in an hour.
  • Standard dosage — The machine allows distributors to set an exact dosage for every joint. That way, each joint comes out looking perfect, something that’s not doable with manual rolling.

We must mention that pre-packing machines that produce other weed-enhanced products have the same advantages. They deliver the same, perfect-looking products with equal consistency and volume, creating the ideal product.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons automated cone filling machines have taken over the industry. This information might even help you decide whether you want to dip your toes into this business if you’re on the fence. After all, what can top a well-designed product?

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