Kratom as an organic natural antidepressant

A soothing, relaxing, anti-stress effect can be achieved from taking kratom.

Kratom is a tropical tree of the madder family (a distant relative of coffee), which is widely distributed in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. 

The history of human use of kratom goes deep into the past. Even in the Middle Ages, the use of kratom as a natural tonic and relaxing agent was a common practice among the indigenous people of Southeast Asia. Chewing or brewing fresh leaves of the tree lifted the mood, reduced fatigue, promoted the development of communication among the peasants, and made it easier to work with hard work. In addition, the wood of the plant was used and is still used in some places as a building material. But, of course, most of all people appreciated kratom for its unique psychotherapeutic effects. This is evidenced by numerous stories of European travelers

At low doses (1-5 grams), kratom powder is used as an antidepressant.

A soothing, relaxing, anti-stress effect is achieved already when taking kratom from 1 to 2 grams at a time in the form of tea.

The first effects appear within 5-10 minutes after taking the tea, the effect begins as soft pleasant waves running through the body. After 30 minutes, the effect increases. The body relaxes. Fatigue and pain (including muscle tremors) disappear, anxiety and stress recede. The main effect lasts for about 3-5 hours, then there are residual pleasant effects.

Using up to 3-4 grams of kratom at a time, you can expect a pronounced psychotherapeutic effect. Great for relaxing and relaxing after a hard day, listening to music. It quickly reduces anxiety, stress levels and restores the mental strength of the body.

Kratom should not be combined with other stimulants – yohimbine, caffeine, and others, since at high doses there is a danger of excessive stimulation and raising blood pressure. It is also not recommended to combine it with depressants (alcohol in large quantities, benzodiazepines) because of possible breathing problems.

Everyone can feel the individual characteristics of the depth of the effects, but the essence of kratom as a wonderful natural antidepressant will remain unchanged. Of course, a lot depends on the specific variety and dosage, the best ratio is already found individually experimentally.

Motives for regular use of kratom

The leaves of Mitragyna speciosa (Korth.) or kratom are traditionally used as a folk remedy for the treatment of various diseases, to improve mood, to increase labor productivity in Malaysia and Thailand.

For this multi-sectoral study, a total of 116 people were selected who regularly use kratom. To assess the motives for using kratom, we used the questionnaire “Drinking Motives” (DMQ).

Our results show that the use of kratom in large quantities (3 servings per day, where each serving contains 48.24-50.4 mcg of mitragynine) helped the subjects cope with life difficulties and increased their self-esteem. The subjects without a couple had higher average indicators in overcoming difficulties compared to the indicators of married subjects. Those who earned more than 1,500 RM (Malaysian ringgit) per month had higher self-esteem indicators compared to those who earned less than 1,500 RM per month. Also, higher rates of overcoming difficulties were recorded in people who use kratom in large quantities (3 servings per day).


If you are interested in this unusual plant, and you want to try out its effect and relax after a hard day’s work, you can order kratom extract for yourself by finding a suitable kratom near me. However, do not forget that kratom should not be combined with other stimulants and depressants, such as coffee and alcohol.

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