Legalise Cannabis NSW Party elects Jeremy Buckingham as its first MP

Buckingham, a former Greens MP, has been an active campaigner for drug law reform.

Legalise Cannabis NSW party has elected Jeremy Buckingham as its first Member of Parliament (MP). Buckingham’s election marks a significant milestone for the party, which advocates for the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use.

Buckingham, a former Greens MP, has been an active campaigner for drug law reform and the legalisation of cannabis. His election is expected to bring more attention to the issue and help to advance the cause.

The Legalise Cannabis NSW party has been campaigning to stop punishing drivers with marijuana in their system. Alec Zammitt and The Craze Collective are among the organisations working with the party to push for drug law reform, recently engaging billboard ads to protest New South Wales (NSW) drug driving laws.

Buckingham’s first day in office will be spent campaigning for the rights of drivers who have THC in their system. He will be working with the “Who Are We Hurting?” army to advocate for a change in the way that drug laws are enforced. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the harm caused by current drug laws and to push for a more compassionate and evidence-based approach.

To raise awareness about the failures of the war on drugs and more specifically the unjust driving legislation medicinal cannabis patients are victim to, the ‘Who Are We Hurting?’ army are commencing operation ‘Driving with THC, shouldn’t make you an enemy’ promising another stunt similar to last years 420 protest where cannabis imagery was projected onto the Sydney Opera House leaving members of the group Alec ‘Craze’ Zammitt & Will Stolk currently on bail.

“Driving laws need change, Cannabis patients deserve equal range”, said Alec Zammitt

Will Stolk added, “We want to publicise the discussion around cannabis in Australia and ask the government, who would be hurt by an amnesty?”

“We also want to educate the Australian taxpayer on the benefits fully legalizing cannabis in Australia. There is a huge amount of money that will flow into the coffers of the Australian government, for use in healthcare, schools, and roads, from the tax excise that will be taken from legalized cannabis. 

In a statement, Buckingham said, “I am honoured to have been elected as the first MP for the Legalise Cannabis NSW party. I am committed to advancing the cause of drug law reform and working towards a more just and equitable society. I look forward to working with my colleagues in parliament and with the broader community to make this vision a reality.”

The Legalise Cannabis NSW party has expressed its gratitude to its supporters and volunteers for their hard work and dedication. It is committed to continuing its work towards drug law reform and the legalisation of cannabis in NSW.

Results are expected to be announced from 11am at the NSW Electoral Commissions office Level 23 175 Liverpool St Sydney on Wednesday 19th of April.

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