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Dopamine (n): The kick ass chemical in your brain that makes you feel and do happy things… whatever they may be — The Urban Dictionary

Dopamine is Australia’s premier online cannabis lifestyle title and features everything from weed culture to music, gaming, food and more!

At Dopamine, we are all about normalising dope culture in Australia (though it’s already pretty normal), all while getting to share some cool stuff with the community we love. We don’t buy into stereotypes of pot smokers being useless or lazy, and our platform is a celebration of all of the great things that come out of Australia’s cannabis community.

Our interesting and engaging content touches on everything from music, video games, food, entertainment – even fiction – to news, legalisation updates and cannabis lifestyle features. We hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Dopamine is put together by a hard-working team of media professionals and writers (who all enjoy a casual billy or five), and is proudly published by Dope Media – contact one of our friendly team for any advertising or other enquiries.

Dope Media is a publisher and media agency, and is the side project of a small tight-knit group of media professionals that work across the mainstream, music and video game media.

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