How to Vape Weed as a Beginner

Whether you prefer bud or concentrates, cannabis itself has a number of healthy properties, all of which can be obtained by vaping marijuana or hemp.

While vaping weed is not completely free of health consequences, it does appear to be the healthiest form of inhalation around. Whether you prefer bud or concentrates, cannabis itself has a number of healthy properties, all of which can be obtained by vaping marijuana or hemp.

The only difference between these two forms of cannabis (as you may already know) is that MJ contains enough THC to make you high, while hemp doesn’t. So depending on how well you handle intoxication (and psychoactive compounds) weed may or may not be for you.

Bear in mind though that both weed and hemp have got loads of CBD in them, and the cannabidiol compound is known to boost immune function. It also treats hundreds of illnesses and injuries – as does marijuana.

If you tolerate weed well, it can be a truly relaxing and consciousness-expanding experience. On the other hand, if your body’s chemical makeup doesn’t mix well with THC, then you can always just vape hemp buds. 

Vaping Weed 101

As a beginner to vaping bud, there are so many vaporizers on the market that it can be difficult to know where to start. From portable handheld devices to bigger desktop units, there are a wide variety of features to compare. 

One thing that is very important to know is that with vaporizers quality is very important. Low-quality vapes not only pose a health risk, but they don’t work properly so you could be stuck sucking on air.

Choosing a Vape

Asides from researching the vapour quality of your chosen device (which you can do by looking at reviews), it’s a great idea to prioritize battery power. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as being fully prepared at a party, only to have your battery die midway through the night.

But even if the social scene isn’t your thing, it’s still nice to know that your battery is going to last you through the day. Over and above this you can consider how compact the vape is, and also how much it might weigh. 

Some vapes are heavier than others, and if you’re the active type who wants to take your vape on adventures, then you need to think about logistics. If you’re a skater for example, make sure you go for a vape that is durable, in case it falls out on the ride.

Last but not least, you need to think about maintaining your vape and keeping it clean. Vaporizers accumulate gunge over a period of time (depending how much you vape) so you’ll be needing to clean it at least weekly. Depending on your device, the cleaning process can take more or less time.

How to Vape for the First Time

If you’ve decided to give cannabis a go, it is always advisable to do so under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner. Depending where you live, your doctor might be able to help you get a cannabis prescription and treat any ailments naturally.

This is the best path to take because your GP can guide you in terms of dosage and give you more or less as needed. That being said, prescriptions aren’t always on the cards, and whether you’ve decided to self-medicate or experiment recreationally, we’re here to support you. 

Here at Dopamine, we believe in the power of cannabis but also acknowledge that it is not for everyone. However, in the face of slow legalisation and subsequently lacking medical systems, sometimes self-medicating is the only way.

So if you’re looking to soothe an ailment go right ahead and blaze away, just do it the healthiest way using a vaporiser. Vapes are pretty easy to use, and depending whether you’re going for concentrates, dry bud or both, there are different methods.

With dry bud, you just crush your weed and put a little bit into the bowl, before selecting the temperature and puffing away. With concentrates there are a lot more options, and you can choose from a number of different devices (in addition to vapes).

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, your choice of vape is a personal one, and you need to think carefully about what will work for you and your lifestyle. Choosing your new vape is ninety percent of the research and from there you can simply watch YouTube tutorials.

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