Three weed docos for mum and dad

Your parents aren’t cool with weed? These documentaries may help.

Your parents aren’t cool with you smoking? These weed documentaries may help.

You or some of your mates have smoked weed before. So you know that the dope won’t permanently deliver your brain into a new realm never to return (or will it?). Unfortunately, some parents don’t know that. If they were born in the 50s through 70s, they were probably brought up in the years of the Nixon presidency and, shortly after, Ronald Reagan. During this time Richard Nixon managed to construct the most unsuccessful war in history, you guessed it, the War on Drugs. Since then, regardless of its proven beneficial properties, both recreational and economic, weed is still illegal and most parents would still be OK with that. So, with that in mind, here are the top three informative weed documentaries to try to shift their feels.

WEED (2015)
Report by: Dr Sanjay Gupta

Supporter of medical cannabis and protector of the realm Dr Sanjay Gupta delivers this special report on the positive effects of medical marijuana that may be ignored frequently by government policy makers. The doco features real success stories of patients such as Charlotte, who suffers from Dravet Syndrome: a rare form of epilepsy. While being super scientific, it is still very easy to watch and, for this, we will forgive that it’s from CNN. Full film below:

Director: Ron Mann

“They think they can go out and get high?” Why yes, yes we do. This documentary, while being nearly 20 years old, speaks the truth. It also uses the word “grass” making it really easy for your folks to get groovy with the message. It examines the use of propaganda by the US government to give bud a bad name and lists the negative effects of this stigma. It also features Woody Harrelson narrating and everyone loves Woody Harrelson. Trailer below:

Director: Kevin Booth

This documentary is aimed less specifically on marijuana itself and more on the War on Drugs. It examines how corrupt the ideological war is, how the politicians and big banks win and how the people on the ground lose. The film examines the War on Drugs from every perspective: Booth follows gang members, DEA agents, CIA agents, judges, politicians, inmates and celebs. This film is a particularly good one to try to convince mum and dad to try the edibles you made last Sunday because it really hits at the issue of weed’s legality and weighs up the positives and negatives of the drug.

Since 2007, Kevin Booth has directed a sequel looking at those US states that have decriminalised and legalised cannabis. Trailer below:

By HJ Sparrow

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