Seven tasty alternatives to bong water

When we say “tasty” we mean the smoke… Please don’t drink these afterwards

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever be stuck without water. It’s even less likely that you’ll be stuck without water and have any of the below. But hey, if that’s ever the case (or if you just want to try something new) we’ve got you covered – writer Stevie Hammond gives us her flavoursome alternatives to bong water.

*Disclaimer: Dopamine takes no responsibility for any foul tastes, spillages or booting that comes as a result of trying these out. Though these have been tested and given a tick. Got feedback? Let us know!  hello@dopamine.net.au

It’s always nice to try something new, and today we’re talking about adding some new flavours to the experience of punching a cone. In some instances, these alternatives will even keep your bong cleaner for longer as well as making for a more pleasant smoking experience. It’s important to remember to clean your bong regularly though, especially with sugary drinks that can damage your glassware or make it sticky. You might want to consider using a DIY billy to test some of these.

Orange or lemon peels

Ever wondered if your orange peels are good for anything else other than protecting your orange? Well, they are! By dropping a few of these into your bong, you’ll not only have a more citrus-based flavour and aroma for your smoking seshes, but the acidity of the peels should also keep your bong cleaner for longer.

Ice tea

Timeless and delicious, it’s almost impossible not to love ice tea. With an array of fruity flavour options – we recommend trying this when you smoke up next time. But remember to stay on top of your cleaning duties because as delicious a beverage as ice tea is, its often chock-full of sugar which can be harmful to the lifespan of your bong.

Have bong water that finally cares

Have bong water that finally cares


Two birds with one stone! Now you can use not only the bottle but the beverage itself when it comes to smoking. Gatorade has blessed the Australian stoner community with a beautifully shaped bottle for many years (unlike Powerade and Lipton ice tea, the traitors) and with the awesome flavours it offers too, why not try some as a substitute for water next time you smoke up?

Cranberry Juice

The juice your girlfriend orders with vodka and lime most weekends can actually clean your bong, and it tastes awesome. A popular choice across the stoner community due to its acidity, this juice is also chock-full of Vitamin C, preparing your body for those chilly winter months.

Hot Tea

Most people smoke with cold water, even adding ice cubes, so hot tea is a totally new experience making for an even smoother hit. Don’t add sugar, as it can cause problems for your bong long-term. I’d recommend choosing fruity berry flavours or even making a hot lemon tea, adding the rinds for extra flavour.


Why not combine two of your favourite things in one for your smoking pleasure?  The flavours and aromas from wine are strong and, while it will definitely bring something new to the table, I recommend buying wine with a low alcohol content as alcohol absorbs THC, potentially affecting your high.  (Editor’s note: I tried this once and didn’t like it, though. Also, don’t try milk products)


It’s Tang! Remember Tang? Probably not but it’s arguably one of the best tastes you’ll ever experience when smoking a bong. The flavour of Tang is strong and sugary and will infuse even your smoke. I’d definitely recommend trying this but remember to wash your bong cause it’s pretty much just flavoured sugar we’re talking about here.

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