3 Facts You Should Know About Dab Rigs

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ dab?

If you are a novice in ‘dabbing’, then this article will help you to appease your curiosity and find out a little bit more about dab rigs and the interesting things that you might never have known.

The term ‘dabbing’ refers to putting a small amount of concentrates of herbs or waxes onto your rig which then produces an infused water vapor. And apart from the common misinformation that it’s used for marihuana only, numerous other herbs can be treated this way, and the expected results or effects are pretty different than those expected with any other gadget.

1.   The Form

It is easy to confuse a bong with a dab rig, as they not only look similar but also are used similarly. The confusion starts from both being made out of glass and having a distinctive neck, as seen on https://www.hemper.co/collections/dab-rigs. Dab rigs can sometimes have parts made out of durable HDPE plastic, though that is less common, and they usually look like a piece of laboratory equipment.

The most distinctive thing about these rigs is the nail that you place the various concentrates on, which gets heated by a torch to produce the desired vapors. The whole thing, therefore, consists out of three components, that is:

  • glass piece
  • nail
  • torch

2.   The Function

Dabbing refers to the action of placing small, irregular amounts of oil, gums, or whatever your substrate is, on a nail inside the rig. Of course, the nail needs to be heated first, which is done using an appropriate torch, unless you have an e-nail that is already fitted with a resistant coil that heats itself. The torch should be carefully sized so as not to be too large nor too small – because either of those two extremes will just waste the substrate, either burning it completely and making a mess or producing so little vapor you won’t be able to breathe in anything.

The main body of the rig is referred to as a glass piece and it can come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, from simple and clear, to colorful and sculpted. The glass body is there to hold the nail and produce vapor and direct them towards the mouthpiece. There is no strict science about this – choose whatever shape and size fit you best.

3.   Health Concerns

The ultimate question here is whether there is any concern when using this. Well, apart from feeling more relaxed, there shouldn’t be any other side effects! The vapor of this kind is much less damaging to the lungs than direct nicotine smoke, though be aware that some substances can be harmful in the long run, but that has more to do with what you choose to dab, instead of the dabbing itself.

Don’t hesitate to ask the supplier, or a doctor, what you’re getting when buying medicine or herbal concentrates, as some things are just plain better than others!

The joys of consuming various herbal extracts are made even greater when you have the right tools to do it. And a dab rig is sure to be just the thing to give you the most out of such an experience.

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