Dab Enthusiasts! Snag This Rare One-Of-A-Kind Torch Tube For Half Price Now

If you’re cashed up right now, here’s a rare opportunity for a crazy good dab rig!

If you’re into dabbing and have some big cash to spare right now, this custom-made Torch Tube from the famous Hitman Glass in LA could be your thing.

The piece is unique, and was created by Hitman co-founder Dougie Fresh with one of his classic designs, the Sundae Stack Torch Tube.

It’s currently on sale on Smoke Cartel for US $2,000 (AUD $3,000) ­– less than half the original US $4,500 Dougie Fresh’s custom pieces usually go for. We’re unsure when Hitman Dougie will have another one available, so get in quick if you’re keen! You can check it out here.

Plus, shipping on Smoke Cartel is free to Australia for orders over $300 (which this definitely is).

The Sundae Stackcontains has five separate chambers and uses the body of the pipe as one large percolator. The whole rig (excluding the base) is sandblasted with Hitman logos etched across the base and middle section. It also contains a sealed-off chamber of butane, plus its own torch within the glass rig.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dougie Fresh, he (along with Erik Weissman) is the co-founder of the well-known US brand Hitman Glass. Hitman is super renowned by dab enthusiasts around the for their appreciation of the art and their skilled engineering for a good experience.

One of our contributors Arms was lucky to have a go on some Hitman Glass while over in the US a few years ago. Let us know if you’ve tried it before, or if you end up buying it, in the comments below!

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