WATCH: Dune Rats have gone and made their most cracked video yet

The Dunies boys take Bullshit’s fifth video chapter to new highs and lows

No-one’s denying that when it comes to music videos (and most other aspects of life) the Dune Rats are pretty whack – like the time they smoked cones for two-and-a-half minutes straight.

Now the boys have gone and made something that can only be described as ‘fucking cracked’.

Faced with zero budget and a very tight timeline, and armed only with a loose storyline and long-time content cohort, Cornflap (of Dunies TV fame), Dune Rats jumped on a call, bashed out the plot, then jumped on a plane to the secret hospital location somewhere in the depths of Sydney to direct, produce and act in the brand new vid the latest single cut from The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit, ‘Demolition Derby’.

Taking influences from Foo Fighters, Blink 182 and Tom Green’s Freddy Got Fingered (and with a nefarious nod to some hazy memories of TV medical soaps such as ER and Grey’s Anatomy), the Dunies take The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit’s fifth video chapter to new highs and lows, and literally treat themselves, for better or worse.


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