Virgina governor not “cool” enough to recognise weed, poses for dodgy pic

Governor Terry McAuliffe posed for a pic with Willie Nelson alongside a jar of the singer’s weed


The governor of Virginia – a US state where weed is still illegal – has been caught out posing with country music Willie Nelson and a jar of the singer’s self-branded weed.

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Terry McAuliffe, who assumed office at the start of 2014, spent about ten minutes in Nelson’s trailer on the night of the singer’s Virgina performance, reports AP.

A spokesperson for McAuliffe said the governor “didn’t realise” what the jar Willie’s Reserve sitting on the table was.

Willie’s Reserve – Willie Nelson’s weed strain

The spokesperson, Brian Coy, also said McAuliffe is not “cool” enough to actually recognise weed or paraphernalia. Burn.

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