Vice Australia installs hydroponic grow room inside its Melbourne HQ

Vice plans to fill the space with a number of ‘plants.

The rowdy mob over at Vice have gone and installed a high-end grow room right in the middle of their Melbourne office.

The move was done in partnership with innovative Dutch fertiliser company Reiziger and Digital Loop.

Vice plans to fill the space with a number of ‘plants’, including herbs (mint, basil), natives, flowers (gardenias, pansies), edibles (wasabi, strawberries), palms, and more. The company will employ the skills of some green-thumbed expert growers, but also assures Dopamine its own staff will be getting their hands dirty too.

A stream of ongoing, fly-on-the-wall (figuratively speaking) social content will track the journey, including ‘How To’ explainers, weekly Instagram stories, macro-detailed GIFs that Attenborough would be proud of, plant-based recipes, and much more — all alongside a written series on

Watch the build below.

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