Inside the warped mind of Vice Australia’s resident conspiracy theorist Jacob Watts

It turns out that Vice Australia’s motion graphics editor is obsessed with conspiracy theories.

It turns out that Vice Australia’s motion graphics editor Jacob Watts is super into conspiracy theories, and his bosses recently found out that he had a whole website dedicated to his obsession.

…So they gave him his own show (watch below).

As lovers of conspiracy theories ourselves, we hit him up to hear a bit more about what goes on inside his warped mind.

What is the craziest conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard?

It’s a bit of a cliché, but I reckon 9/11 is one of the crazier conspiracy theories. It’s also one of my favourites. I think what makes it so crazy is the weight of the issue itself and the evidence people have found to back it up: mismatched plane wreckage, grounded US Air Force, Tower Seven’s mysterious collapse and all the money in the tower being removed the night before.

People who believe in the theory argue that following the anti-Vietnam war riots, the US needed an excuse to justify invading another country. It’s something that’s altered the last century so heavily that there’s got to be more to it than the original story.

You’ve explored some pretty whacky theories for Vice – including idea Denver Airport is the new Illuminati HQ, and whether or not we live in a computer simulation. Do you believe any of these theories?

Absolutely! Why not!? Why isn’t Denver Airport a massive underground base for the Illuminati? Why aren’t we all just living in a simulation?

The Denver Airport conspiracy does have clearer evidence to support it (see below), so I believe in it a little more so than the simulation theory.

Did Jesus smoke marijuana?

I sadly don’t think he sparked bowls of that sticky-icky. I do believe, however, that he used the cannabis plant for its medicinal benefits – creating an “anointing oil”, which included cannabis to heal those in pain. Jesus had an invention on his hands way ahead of its time.

What first sparked your interest in conspiracy theories?

For me, it was the allure that the world (or reality) that we live in, isn’t as it seems. Like taking the red pill, you can begin to question everything.

There’s also a unique sense of individuality in the world of conspiracies. If someone wants to spend their time on this planet believing the sun is a hologram or that we’re all inside a simulation, then why not? If you’re not hurting anyone with your beliefs, then let people believe what they want. Just be open minded and up for a chat about your “wacky” ideas.

Have you found any common traits in conspiracy theorists you’ve met?

I’m sadly yet to meet a publicly open conspiracy theorist would you believe!

That being said, I’ve noticed a very common trait among most people when talking conspiracies is ending each conversation along the lines of,  “I’m not sure why, but it’s real dude. Think about it!” It kind of sums up conspiracy theories altogether really.

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