Trailer Park Boys launch their own weed brand

Smokes, let’s go

Everyone’s favourite Canadian stoners are gearing up to launch their own brand of weed.

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The Trailer Park Boys team has signed an exclusive partnership with Canadian weed brand OrganiGram “to develop branding, packaging, and a competitive product portfolio targeted towards recreational marijuana consumers”.

The deal – which is also set to include product placement opportunities – comes as Canada gears up to very potentially legalise weed next year. OmniGram and Trailer Park Boys have found common ground in their pro-recreational views.

“This relationship solidifies one of our strategic building blocks as we plan for the legalisation of recreational use in Canada. The team at Trailer Park Boys have an aligned vision to develop a National brand with our assistance and we’re incredibly excited at how the partnership will come to life,” said OrganiGram CEO Ray Gracewood.

“We remain firmly committed to producing and supplying world-class cannabis for our increasing patient base; and we plan on maintaining that commitment in the future at OrganiGram. But we also need to be strategic about the opportunities that will be afforded to us with the advent of recreational use in Canada. Brands will play a key role within the cannabis market space, and we’re devoting the thought leadership and developing our strategy well in advance of these expected changes to ensure we’re prepared.”

As cannabis becomes more and more legal around the place, it’s exciting to see all the inevitable celebrity brands popping up. Melissa Etheridge is doing her cannabis-infused wine thing, Die Andwoord announced a line of products including candy and lipbalm (about two weeks before announcing their break-up), Whoopi Goldberg has her weed strain for period pain, Kevin Smith did his promotional strains for horror film Tusk, and Snoop Dogg… well he’s just doing his thing. And that’s only to name a few.

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