Skip The 420 Kangaroo fills us in on his SA adventure

“Being in South Australia with its different types of strains was out of this world”


Dopamine speaks with Skip The 420 Kangaroo, maker of the redcouch videos (check them out on his Facebook page). Skip has just finished up travelling around South Australia visiting a few fans and getting a feel for the greenery down south. 

Tell us about the idea behind your South Australian cannabis mission

There were ideas first of a redcouch on tour, taking the redcouch with us to people’s houses all over Australia trying different kinds of cannabis. With things not working out for all of us involved with redcouch videos, it didn’t look like that was going to happen.

This trip to SA was originally planned to see one mate who’s been a regular viewer since our first videos. When my mate couldn’t get the week off work, I put out a post asking if anyone else would like to catch up. The number of people wanting to catch up was overwhelming.

Skip on redcouch

Skip on redcouch

As you can see from the lack of planning in this trip and the lack of documenting, it was really a cannabis holiday rather than a tour. With more planning and organising, the next trip should be 100% better.

It looked like a real fun time but we understand there was a mishap. What happened?

Yes, there was a massive hiccup due to the fact my partner’s funds didn’t clear on the date expected. Again I put this down to a lack of organisation. We should have had a backup plan in case of emergencies like that one. With a huge amount of support and love from the cannabis community we were able to push through and finish our cannabis holiday and return home.


On the trip you hung out with Davey from the TV series Housos. What’s he like in real life? 

Davey was awesome to meet – he really was. The night we met him though was in a lounge room filled with about 10-12 people while also doing a live feed, so it was very hard to try to hold a conversation with people individually. I have spoken to Davey since and we are going to try to organise another catchup at the same house with less people this time.

How’s the greenery in SA?

Before I answer that, I have to explain to you I live in rural NSW. Here we don’t have a selection of strains to choose from. So being in South Australia with its different types of strains was out of this world. From what I heard in SA, the laws are quite relaxed if you are growing only two plants. That means more people are willing to risk the fine and conviction if it means they can have a selection of different strains.

Some of my favourite strains from my holiday were Liberty Haze #2, Buddha Kush OG and Tahoo. The Buddha Kush OG is beautiful smelling with a deep intense high – heavy arms and head with a complete feeling of relaxation. It does grab your throat and tickle it though so watch out for that. I was the highest I have ever been in my life while I was there. Smoking dab and flower through a thing called the sublimator had me in the highest state I have ever been, and off only three hits.


I could go on and on about the strains but I don’t think we have enough room. Overall the cannabis community in SA is one of the best I have seen so far. I was blazing and trying strains with all types of people from everyday smokers like me to an ex-police officer who is now pushing for the legalisation of cannabis in Australia.

Can we expect another cannabis mission in a different state soon?

I’m hoping so, I really am. I would love to get down to Melbourne and catch up with people I’ve met online from there to see what Melbourne’s cannabis community is like – I’ve heard great things about it. Same with Queensland although I’ve heard cannabis is quite expensive up there to purchase.

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