Some genius has pressed a vinyl record made of hash

“It’s all about putting two old-school vintage mediums together”


American music company Silverback Music (which is apparently entirely made up of stoners) has gone and pressed an actual working record of Slightly Stoopid‘s ‘Dabbington’ made out of hash.

Billboard reports that just one record – two have been made so far – used US$6,000 (almost A$8,000) worth of bubble hash, and cost an another cheeky grand to stamp and master.


The whole process went down at LA vinyl-mastering studio Capsule Labs.

According to Silverback Music’s John Phillips, the first vinyl produced a “passable” sound, while the second produced more “questionable” audio. A third vinyl is reportedly in the works.

“It’s all about putting two old-school vintage mediums together,” says Phillips told Billboard. “Vinyl is an old-school medium, and that’s how we feel about hashish, too.”

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