Scientists reckon cannabis users ‘walk differently’

Apparently, stoners swing their elbows more

Using cannabis can impact the way you move and walk, according to a recent Australian study published in medical journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

The study found that cannabis users, when walking, swing their elbows and knees faster than non-users, while moving their shoulders less.

“The main takeaway message is that use of cannabis can result in subtle changes in the way that you move,” the study’s author, University of SA’s Verity Pearson-Dennett, told PsyPost.

“However, many of the participants in the cannabis group were moderate-to-light cannabis users. Therefore heavier cannabis users may have greater impairments.”

While the study was very small – it compared 22 smokers with 22 non-smokers – Pearson-Dennett thinks there are more questions that need to be answered with more research.

See the study here or read the interview with PsyPost here.

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