/r/trees has officially hit one million subscribers

That’s right, ya f*cken druggos

Reddit’s home of the ents (and very best subreddit), aka /r/trees, has officially hit one million subscribers.

Dopamine believes the subreddit to be about seven years old.

While there are definitely plenty of cannabis related subreddits (Dopamine’s other fave is /r/stonerengineering), Trees is unique in that it has a strong focus on community and culture.

The mods describe trees:

“Trees is a place of feeling, a welcoming community who are happy to discuss any and everything. While there are other subreddits that are cannabis-themed, not many have the sense of community that Trees has.

“We’re not as focused as the other cannabis-based subreddits, sure. But we have a little bit of everything. Something for everyone. And a warm sense of community for everyone. Speak your mind, have some fun, and share your thoughts.”

You fucken druggos.

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