Buying weed online: yay or nay?

Arms chronicles his experience of buying weed of the internet

While buying weed online still requires the dark web; seeds, billies, papers (and any other tools you may need) have never been easier to legally order. Check out the WeedSeedShop for seeds, and Smoke Cartel for all your head shop needs. 

I love the 21st century. For all its pitfalls — Trump, global oil wars, gradual integration into the machine — there are some serious perks that often go overlooked, namely the fact that I can buy drugs online. Not only that, I can buy good drugs online, better drugs than I can buy offline right now. All I have to do is jump on my laptop, fire up a tor-browser, purchase a few bitcoins — or like a fraction of a bitcoin — and away I go. Several days later a package will arrive and inside it will be my ordered drugs, delivered from somewhere anonymous around Australia.

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I recently placed my first order on an online site. The site was easy enough to navigate, kind of like eBay for drugs: there were search functions and images and reviews and all that jazz, as you would expect. I found a vendor who had good reviews and browsed their list of products. They had a decent variety and I browsed for a good half an hour, but I eventually settled on a half ounce of AK-47 and went to place my order.

Here’s where it gets interesting: the vendors use a system called escrow, which is an extra security measure for crypto-currency transactions. Escrow holds the currency in a secure state until the customer receives the product and authorises the payment, upon which the currency is released to the vendor. I placed the order, received a message in the site’s mailbox confirming my order, and then I eagerly awaited its arrival with a balance of positive expectations and doubt.

There was a big part of me that didn’t believe the package would arrive for whatever reason — intercepted, lost in the postal system or never sent in the first place — but another part of me was daydreaming of some stinky, sparkly buds. I should mention this wasn’t the first time I’ve sampled drugs from the world wide web, or even the first time I’d tried to order, but it was the first time I purchased them myself.

I’d tried once before through a friend who is a regular online shopper. We tried to get a gram of ketamine but the product never came, leaving me sad and doubtful about the whole system and $200 broker. Despite that sour experience, I was willing to give it another try, and besides, if it never arrived, I could retrieve the money from escrow and paint the vendor with a tarred paintbrush until the cows came home. I love the internet.

It took almost a week, but when the package finally did arrive I was glad I waited. There, in a vacuum sealed baggie inside another sealed package, was a beautiful half ounce of AK-47 from Victoria. The buds were a beautiful forest green and covered in tiny, glistening crystals. They were dry and firm and when I broke them apart, I was met with a strong, sharp almost tangy aroma. Suffice to say, the high I got was amazing  – light and playful but incredibly cerebral and noticeably elevating.

I’ve been smoking this stuff for about a week and a half now and it’s still fantastic. I’ve become more tolerant of its distinct effects, but I don’t have to smoke much to get noticeably high (sometimes too high). I’ve been sharing it around with friends and family and they seem to be enjoying it too.

I will definitely buy pot off the internet again at some point. The whole process was reasonably simple and secure, and the product was off the chain. Granted, it’s not a good way to get a quick fix, but with a bit of foresight and preparation, it makes for a great way to source weed.

*NB. If you’re thinking of ordering from the internet and it’s your first time, it will take a few days to set everything up. The most lengthy process will be organising a bitcoin wallet and purchasing some bitcoins, which can take up to several days depending on how you do it. You will need this before you can make any purchases on the dark web. I recommend setting up your bitcoin wallet first so that when you find something you want, you’re ready to place an order.

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