Introducing Pandamic: Queensland’s next big punk rockers

“We can’t really afford to bring our skateboards on the planes”

At the start of this month, it was announced that Queensland punk rockers Pandamic had signed on with the Dune Rats’ record label Ratbag Records. Dopamine speaks with the rowdy four-piece ahead of the release of their upcoming EP on Friday June 2 their tour with the Dunies next month. 

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You guys just signed to the Dunies label Ratbag Records – tell us how that came about.

Well it all started a little something like this: We once bumped into this bloke in Townsville after we played at Groovin The Moo – proper mad dog of a bloke he was – who got us in contact with this other deadly bloke. And there you have it. We’ve been working together closely with the blokes ever since.

You’re dropping a new EP titled Archer – was the creative process similar to your last EP Scumbag? (In a shed)

Yeah the songs were born in the same shed over 2015-2016 and recorded in Brisbane by Troy Brady.


You’ll be on the Fuck Yeah Ledge Yew Tour with the Dunies From next month. Excited?

Fuggen oaf!! Biggest thing we have done to date yet!

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Well, I’m sure you will all be smoking and skating this whole tour – will your lungs be able to keep up?

Actually, we can’t really afford to bring our skateboards on the planes, so our lungs will be fine I reckon!

How did you all meet? How much did weed and skating contribute to you playing music together?

We all met through school, skating and bebo… but music has always been the fundamental value of getting together.

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