‘Molly’, ‘Smokey’, ‘VB’ among ‘Straya’s most popular pet names

It seems Australia is living up to its reputation for being full of drinkers and pot smokers

It seems Australia’s reputation for being full of drinkers, pot smokers and pisstakers has been further solidified by recent data revealing our most popular pet names.

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Names on the top dog/cat names list with other connotations include ‘Molly’, ‘Buddy’, ‘Smokey’, and ‘Coco’. – who released the data – also revealed the top names for pets named after food or drinks, which includes ‘VB’, ‘Lolly’, ‘Cookie’ and ‘Nugget’.

Unsurprisingly, doggos are the most popular pet for Aussie renters (68%) with cats a distant second at 24%. The least common pet was a spider, representing just 0.004% of all pets.

So are you druggos naming your pets after your favourite activities? Or is this just a coincidence of limited Aussie slang? Who even cares – now’s your chance to smoke bud next to Buddy or take Molly for a walk (on molly).

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