Guy designs bong for engineering final

The bong only secured a ‘low A’ grade

Redditor skilledtadpole was presumably stoned when he decided to make a bong for his engineering final at university.

The bong – which secured him a low A grade – was reasonably well received by the r/trees community… but heavily scrutinised by the /r/StonerEngineering community.

One particularly nerdy StonerEngineer left a detailed analysis, which you can read below. Turns out poor old mate skilledtadpole just had no plans of using water in the ash catcher.

“You need to rotate your ash catcher 180 degrees vertically or on the y axis. Change the angle to 135° for the part going into the bong. The angle for where you insert the bowl to 135° as well. Now the bottom of the ash catcher is around where the part going into the bong, the degree rotation makes it so there is air on top, water going into the bong on the bottom. The amount of water should be leveled off to around the middle of the ash catcher, so that it does not risk submerging your bowl. It will not completely percolate the hit as water will just likely get drained down the hole into the bong. I think this is your best bet, if you plan on fixing the problems.”

Check out the full designs below.

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