Aussies love bongs, pay too much for coke, have lots of run-ins with sniffer dogs

Cannabis was the most popular illicit drug down under

Australians love bongs (and are the biggest bong-smokers on earth) and our cocaine is way too expensive compared with just about everyone else.

These were the two major insights to come from the 2017 Global Drug Survey released yesterday.

9% of respondents said they wake and bake, and 30% want to cut down their smoking next year.

No surprises as cannabis was the most popular illicit drug down under, followed by MDMA (21.4%), coke (17.5%), LSD (12.1%) and shrooms (8.6%)

We also ranked fifth for obtaining drugs from the dark web, and have significantly more encounters with police drug sniffer dogs than anywhere except Italy and the UK.

Despite the media sensationalism the past few years, ice came towards the end of the list at 4.2%.

You can read all 121 pages of the report’s key findings right here.

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