10 iconic tracks for your next sesh

One way to occupy your weekend

Lis Ferla

Music and weed share a special relationship. The two go together like milo and milk, cheese and crackers, coffee and cigarettes. Sure, each can be enjoyed on its own, but together they make something special. We’ve taken the time to compile a little list of songs that go especially well with a bit of the green.

Speak To Me / Breathe – Pink Floyd

There’s something indescribably smooth about this pair of songs that open The Dark Side Of The Moon. The first time I ever heard it properly, I thought to myself: “Yeah, this is weed.”

Maggot Brain – Funkadelic

A long-winded cerebral instrumental psych track. Sit down, spark a joint, mull over the somewhat unsettling vocal introduction, then float off into the cosmos with this slow rolling jam from Funkadelic.

Because I Got High – Afroman

Nothing to be said: a downright hilarious and relatable track. Every smoker knows it. Better listened to with friends than alone.

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

A classic song from the drug-culture canon – just think Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Loaded with implicit drug references that we can all relate to in some way, this track is a must for any psychedelic explorer. Plus the slow build to the final crescendo is just great in itself.

Break On Through (To The Other Side) – The Doors

Another classic rock song, this song will get you amped to break on through to the other side.

Legalise (But Don’t Tax) – The Bennies

A contemporary Aussie weed ballad. These wild dudes from Melbourne are all about their hooch, and this track is a fun ska jam celebrating Aussie weed culture. Be warned: may cause strong political feelings.

Riviera Paradise – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Just the smoothest of the smooth. Stevie Ray Vaughan is a god on the guitar and this is the kind of song that will take you from the room you’re in and carry you on soft currents to a better place. Lie back and let the sweet licks wash over you.

This Beat – Jazzual Suspects

From Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz compilation, this little track has a slow steady beat and some groovy little jazz piano samples. Interspersed throughout the track are vocal samples from Jack Kerouac’s novel paying tribute to the beat generation, which align beautifully with the instrumentals.

Freedom Flight – Shuggie Otis 

Another long slow track. Also another guitar shredder, Shuggie Otis spins a tune that is reminiscent of the bluesy psychedelia that characterised the love generation. This track builds slowly and is fully instrumental, making a great tune to reflect to.

Everybody Loves the Sunshine – Roy Ayers

Just a soulful feelgood jam. Perfect for sunny days in the park, but listenable anywhere. This groovy track will have you feeling good and relaxed.

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