Free pill testing kits to be handed out at Syd music fests

The DIY reagent kits allow punters to test the pills themselves

Drug law reform group Harm Reduction Australia has vowed to hand out thousands of reagent pill testing kits at Sydney music festivals this summer.

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While advocates and the state government continue to clash over any prospective pill testing operations at the festivals, the DIY reagent kits – which are legal to possess – will allow punters to test the pills themselves.

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“This is definitely not our preferred option, it is our only available option,” Harm Reduction Australia leader Gino Vumbaca told the SMH.

“When it came to discussing the available options with government, we couldn’t even get a foot in the door. We have since decided we cannot sit back idly and do nothing.”

The NSW government has been notoriously hardline in refusing to negotiate with pill testing advocates

Unharm’s Will Tregoning described the atmosphere in NSW as “very negative and tense” in an interview on triple j earlier this year.

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