The benefits of vaping Cannabis for your health

Inside the newest cannabis consumption trend.

Cannabis is well known for its highly effective healing properties. It can be used for to treat and relieve symptoms of various diseases, including even drug abuse treatment at outpatient rehab centres. Among the many different ways of cannabis consumption, vaping is gaining more and more popularity becoming the newest trend. Nowadays, vaping marijuana is a common alternative to smoking it in pipes or joints.

How does it work?

Vaporizers heat up dry herbs to a certain temperature which is below the point of combustion. Hot stream of vapor then rises and it’s inhaled by a person through the mouthpiece. There are two different types of vaporizers: vape pens and stationary versions. Moreover, there are vaporizers that heat the air below the herbs that goes through the marijuana leaves and helps to release cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. Other vaporizers heat up cannabis with the help of heated surface, like a metal plate or a chamber; once it contacts hot surfaces, cannabinoids are released into the vapor.

How to vape marijuana right?

First, place the weed into the chamber, or on the surface which heats it up. Then set a plastic bag or a hose and turn it on. After that you can choose the needed temperature and wait for a minute or so till it gets hot and releases cannabinoids. Finally, it’s ready.

What are the benefits of vaping marijuana?

1. According to recent studies smoking marijuana produces tar and dangerous carcinogens which may cause lung infections. Taking it into account, vaping is a way better alternative to it, as it does not demand an open flame. Vaping cannabis doesn’t include combust marijuana like when using a pipe or a bong, so it’s less harmful to your lungs. Sweet cannabinoids contained in vapor make weed much healthier because you avoid particles that irritate the lungs.

2. If a big amount of smoke makes you cough your brains out, vaping would be a great option for you as you inhale a small amount of vapor, which is not that harsh on your lungs. Vaping delivers 95% cannabinoid into your lungs which absorb it within a few seconds. It means you shouldn’t take too deep or multiply puffs causing cough. What is more, if marijuana smell makes you sick, vaporizing will reduce this feeling as it’s smoke is almost imperceptible. They also say that vaping cannabis is much more flavourful than smoking as it’s obviously much cleaner than burning leaves. While smoking you inhale a lot of smoke, so you cannot taste weed itself. Is it really delightful? Besides, vaping keeps your breathing fresher and does not harm your oral health.

3. There are many reasons to use marijuana, such as stress relief, fighting with anxiety, recreation, and appetite boost. But still, medical marijuana is most commonly used for pain control. Those who are plagued with pains and aches feel significant discomfort in everyday life. Vaping helps to ease intense pain instantly. It can be a useful alternative for women who experience menstrual cramps, or for people struggling with Crohn’s disease. These conditions cause sudden and severe pain which may be immediately reduced with the help of weed vaporizing. Furthermore, vaping cannabis for chronic pain is much safer than using opioids which cause addiction. Serious addiction needs specialized treatment that can be a part of outpatient drug rehabilitation (find out more here). Why not to avoid this risk by using cannabis?

4. People suffering from Parkinson’s disease may also feel relieved after vaping weed. It is proven that medical marijuana is an excellent muscle relaxant which helps to lessen tremors caused by the disease.

5. There are also some promising studies pointing out that cannabis may help veterans who have PTSD after coming back from combat zones. It sounds hopeful for people who seek relief from highly disturbing symptoms. It’s also notable, that veterans are at risk of getting addicted to the substance which they use during rehabilitation program, so vaping cannabis is a better alternative than using other psychedelic medications in order not to diminish their mental state.

Vaping cannabis is beneficial for both relaxation and health improvement. First of all, it gives a lot of pleasure and enjoyment to those who love its flavor. Smoking weed is not so pleasant as vaping because burnt herbs are not that savory comparing to heated. Vaping is also much easier to do compared to other ways of taking marijuana. Vaporizers are definitely worth buying as it makes cannabis consumption much more satisfying experience. Vaping may even save your money that could be spent on different tools for smoking weed. Furthermore, as vaping produces a small amount of odor, it doesn’t offend people surrounding you.

Talking about the advantages of vaping cannabis, it’s important to mention that this is a potent remedy for instant pain release, especially for those who suffer from chronic pain. Due to cannabinoids contained in marijuana, it can be used instead of opioids. Obviously, taking opioids may be quite dangerous for people who tend to get addicted and even for those who already underwent outpatient rehab programs and healed addiction. In this case, vaping cannabis can be a perfect substitute that enables drastic health improvements without any risks for mental health. As it was mentioned above, vaping weed is much healthier for you because there are no irritating particles for lungs which are normally released during smoking. Additionally. it is reported by scientists that vaping cannabis has an advantage over smoking due to cancirogen reduction.

Vaping marijuana can provide our body with numerous benefits and thus must be used by health conscious people who care about their physical well-being.

Where can I buy a vape?

There are a ton of places to buy vapes online, but if you’re in Australia we recommend vaporizersdirect.com.au. If you need some advice about which vape to buy, check out our comprehensive flow chart below, or this article.

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