Study: Beer, grass and you’re on your arse (and will get bad marks)

Booze and grass do not a good combination make

We all knew it, it never stopped us, but researchers have concluded that booze and grass do not a good combination make.

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A two-year study of over 1,000 US college students found that students who consume “medium-to-high” levels of weed and alcohol had consistently lower grades.

The study, led by Shashwath Meda from Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living and published in the PLOS ONE journal, examined the association between college students’ alcohol and marijuana consumption and their grade point average (GPA) in each semester.

Previous studies have shown a link between consumption of alcohol and marijuana and rates of absences and drop-outs, but the but the link between consumption and academic performance was not known.

The study results only indicate an association between substance use and lower GPA scores rather than demonstrating causation, and the results rely on self-reported data on consumption.

Nonetheless, the research adds to the understanding of how alcohol and marijuana use may play a role in academic performance.

See the full report of the study here.


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