Richard Branson speaks out in favour of cannabis industry

“My main motto in life is screw it, just do it”


Famed billionaire Richard Branson has spoken out in favour of drug reform and prospective investors in the cannabis industry.

Offering his full support for the global legalisation of marijuana, Branson gave entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry some advice. “My main motto in life is screw it, just do it,” he said at the New West Summit in San Francisco, reports Business Insider.

“It’s an industry with enormous potential, and can do a lot of good.”

The Virgin Group founder has spent years on the Global Commission on Drug Policy alongside former world leaders, including former United States General Secretary Kofi Annan, who share the same views on the decriminalisation of drugs. Branson also cited the successes of Portugal’s current policies for decriminalising drugs and rehabilitating addicts.

With a billionaire like Branson on board the fight for the cannabis industry, it’s only a matter of time before things move forward!

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