10 times police media tried and failed to relate to the #kids

How do you do fellow kids?

Say what you want about cops, but they do actually play some pretty important roles in society. That said, it’s probably fair to say that the boys in blue will never be “cool” – even if they’re just doing their job. This is surely something that everyone in the process is well aware of… which makes it even more cringe when the social media managers try so damn hard to relate to the kids. Just top trying, Christ.

Here are 10 hilarious (and sadly recent) instances of cop social managers failing to relate to their #FellowKids

This saucy pun.

Kanye and Kim… the kids love those guys!

These hilarious photoshops. If you check out the Twitter page, this is a recurring thing on the WA page. That’s right, they legit tried to make their own meme.

At least they admit to all the donuts they eat.

This risque image that kinda looks like the first fleet invasion…

This hark back to everyone’s favourite Baha Men… and acknowledgement of their total breach of copyright.

“Who let the Dogs out… (we had the music but FB blocked it 🙁 )” THATS COS YOU CAN’T DO THAT GUYS.

These classy memes.

Arresting the innocent.

And some fucken swell #hashtagging. #cheerscunts

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