Careful, rich folk: NSW Police to test for cocaine in roadside drug tests

Most testing will take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings

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NSW Police are cracking down on cocaine in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs – revealing they will test for the drug in RDTs for the first time.

Roadside drug tests (RDTs) preciously only tested for amphetamine, MDMA and cannabis. It had been slammed by many – including NSW Green’s David Shoebridge – as classist (since only rich people can afford coke).

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Ten journalist Dan Sutton broke the story last night, and reports that NSW Police will trial the new tests in the East. Recent research cited by Sutton reveals that the cocaine is significantly more prevalent in those affluent suburbs.

Police this week dismantled an international cocaine syndicate, which saw raids at the home of John Ibrahim in the Eastern Suburbs.

According to Sutton, most testing will take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings… so you’d better keep your bender going through to the arvo.

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