NSW Police targets small businesses selling weed paraphernalia

Why the police had nothing better to do is unclear

NSW Police

NSW Police has turned its sights on small tobacconists and business owners selling the likes of weed pipes, baggies and scales.

Last Sunday December 11, the fuzz searched an unnamed store on Newtown’s King St, seizing over $34,000 worth of goods, NSW Police revealed on social.

Said goods included 536 “cannabis pipes”, 195 “ice pipes”, seven “ecstasy testing kits”, 24 electronic scales, 74 “cocaine spoons”.

A photo from the police haul featuring a number of plastic bags

Small businesses selling glassies, pipes and baggies is hardly a new thing, and has been called out by conservative parts of the media for years.

In late September, everyone’s favourite sensationalists A Current Affair published a hilarious report on a servo out West selling bongs.

Why the police chose to target this specific Newtown store on the weekend – or why they apparently had nothing better to do – is unclear.

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