Sunny Coast riffheads Hobo Magic talk touring, new album and the state of the world

‘The future of our world relies on peace and understanding’

Hobo Magic are a psych rock act out of Queensland that have been absolutely killing it for the last few years. They’ve just put out a new album called The World Today and are currently touring it around the country. We caught up with guitarist and singer Connor to hear about the tour and talk some shit about the world and the new album. Hobo Magic are Connor Mitchell, Jake Bennett and Luke Hanson.

Sydneysiders (and those near by) can catch them when they pass through the Gong (Nov 16), Newy (Nov 17) and Marrickville (Nov 18) next week on the way down to Victoria. Check out the full dates below!

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You’ve just put out a new album The World Today… how are you feeling about the current state of the world?

We have indeed!

Well there’s always the good with the bad with life and the state of the world. I think there’re more people waking up to problems caused by abuse of power from the international governments, but also there is far too much ignorance and complacency that goes on as part of the social norm. The amount of bullshit that gets peddled by politicians and the ease at which some people soak it up annoys me. The future of our world relies on peace and understanding, empathy for others and the coming together as a race for sustainable future, not short-term options that have a detrimental outcome long-term.

Tell us a little about the new album.

It’s an explosion of riffs and grooves. The songs all have their own vibe and go on different journeys, and I think you can hear a lot of our genre influences throughout the album and songs. We tried to make it a good listening experience with how we ordered the tracks so it’s a smooth listen start to finish.

You kicked off the national album tour last week – how is it so far?

Man, it’s been so epic being on the road again! We headed up North Queensland the first week in the Hobo-mobile and played some sweet old Aussie pubs in Mackay and Airlie Beach. Loose times indeed with all three of us and our mate Bluey cutting shapes in the local Airlie beach clubs with bewildered onlookers confused at the sight of blokes with long hair. Audiences can expect to be bombarded with an ear full of high volume rock’n’roll madness.

What does the name ‘Hobo Magic’ mean to you? Were you at any stage hobos?

Well we came up with the name when we first made the band as 14 year old riffheads. It was thrown into the brainstorm session and I think the thought of a travelling homeless dude that can conjure magic had some appeal with us. Hobo Magic I guess captures the idea of the freedom of being a travelling Hobo and the wonder of magic! [Laughs] Like Harry Potter but with fat doob wands and back alley moonshine.

You’ve hit stages with some acts we love like Seedy Jeezus (current tour) and Melbourne’s Holy Serpent… what are some other local acts killing it right now?

Seedy and Holy Serpent are legends! Some of our favourites we’ve played with around Australia are bands like Grim Rhythm, Hydromedusa, Narla, Zong, Fluff and The Royal Artillery. They stand out as being some of the strongest live bands and players I have seen play and always blow me away!

Best song to go with a spliff?

Hmm… for me it would have to be ‘No Quarter’ by Led Zeppelin, but it’s the live version on The Song Remains The Same. 15 minutes of spaced out grooves and then there are some sick guitar and keyboard solos towards the end.

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