About time: Hemp food finally approved in Australia

The decision was due to be made last November

Authorities have finally given the green light for the sale of hemp foods in Australia.

The decision was due to be made by Food Standards Australia New Zealand last November, but was delayed until today.

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Hemp hopefuls have been trying to get hemp food approved for over a decade.

Hemp food has exceptionally low quantities of THC (enough that you definitely won’t feel it), but concerns have in past been raised over potential effects on roadside drug testing.

While hemp food was technically illegal, many hemp products have been legally sold in Australia for years, including cosmetic and skincare creams and oils.

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“Ministers supported the draft standard that will allow low-THC hemp seeds to be sold as a food,” read a communique released after today’s Council Of Australian Government’s meeting in Adelaide, reports Fairfax.

“The standard will take effect six months after it has been gazetted and ministers acknowledged that there is still a range of New Zealand and State and Territory legislation that currently prohibits the sale of low-THC hemp seeds as a food which will need to be amended.”

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