Never mind the almonds, here’s hemp milk

Got milk?

As inner-city hipsters seek out more varieties of milk to prove they can be different to the rest of humanity (i.e. people who consume regular milk, as most do from the day they’re born), Australia’s public broadcaster has cast light on the plight of farmers wanting to produce hemp milk.

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As humans becomes lamer and lamer, plant-based milks, like soy and almond or rice milk, have been on the rise reckons market research analyst Lauren Magner.

Hemp milk, however, does sound pretty cool.

“If you’ve tasted hemp milk it’s a lovely mild product to drink, high in omega sixes and threes, all the good things in there,” Mallanganee farmer Stuart Larssons told the ABC.

To Larssons’ dismay, health authorities rejected an application to permit the sale of foods made from hemp seeds in 2015, even though it can’t get you high.

The ABC claims authorities were worried about the impact of such products on roadside drug testing (probably an indication of how BS the tests actually are).

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Hemp milk is already a thing overseas.

Meanwhile a UK company, Rawlington, is advertising a milk made from hemp seeds and CBD oil that it claims reduces anxiety.


So… got milk?

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