Canada legalises heroin to treat addicts

Here’s hoping that we might learn something from our Canadian cousins

Proving once again that Canada – often culturally compared to Australia – is probably a better place to live, Justin Trudeau‘s government has made a massive step forward in progressive drug policy.

Heroin was “quietly” approved under new legislation that allows doctors to prescribe medical-grade heroin to addicts, reports The Washington Post.

“Canada is currently facing an opioid overdose crisis, and we need to assist our healthcare providers in treating their patients, including those who are suffering from chronic relapsing opioid dependency,” wrote Health Canada in a statement.

Trudeau marching in the Vancouver Pride Festival wikimedia

Trudeau marching in the Vancouver Pride Festival wikimedia

The treatment itself is viewed as a more-or-less last resort, “in cases where traditional options have been tried and proven ineffective”.

While it seems unlikely the draconian state governments in Australia would allow such a change, people like drug expert and reform advocate Dr Alex Wodak have been long campaigning for progressive drug policy that treats drug addiction as a health issue rather than a criminal one.

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Here’s hoping that we might learn something from our Canadian cousins, who have also made plans to legalise recreational cannabis by next year.

Happy Canada Day, buddy. (Yay new South Park this week)

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