Dudes get done in Adelaide for dealing on social media

In short: probably best to keep any online dealing to the dark web

Thomas Heylen

Four men have been arrested in Adelaide for drug dealing on social media.

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The news comes alongside reports that South Australian police are cracking down on dealing via social platforms.

ABC News reports:

“Three alleged offenders, a 30-year-old Adelaide man, a 23-year-old from Angle Vale and a 25-year-old man from Greenwith, are facing charges of trafficking a controlled drug.

“The other man, 32 years of age, is charged with “trafficking a controlled drug, along with cultivation of a controlled plant for sale, possessing prescribed equipment and possessing a controlled drug for sale”.

Police commissioner Tony Crameri said, “Police will continue to monitor internet sites used by people offering to sell illicit substances, and we will target these people no matter how small the amount.”

In short: probably best to keep any online dealing to the dark web.

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