Michael “bongrat” Phelps breaks own record for Olympic medals

Michael Phelps – proving to the world that ‘unmotivated stoners’ can do shit

**UPDATE Phelpsie’s dunnit again, winning his 20th Olympic Gold and 24th Olympic medal overall in the 200m Mens Butterfly.

US swimming superstar and known bongrat Michael Phelps has broken his own record for the most Olympic medals in history, winning his 19th Olympic Gold and 23 medal overall.

Phelps you may remember rose to fame (for all of us who don’t give a shit about swimming) when a pic of him punching cones hit the media in 2009.

The scandal blew up, especially after now-disgraced and defunct News Of The World ran the pic on its front page, and saw Phelps suspended from swimming for three months.

How anyone can think hitting cones might improve your ability to swim is beyond anyone on the Dopamine team. Though it does make sense that an Olympic-grade swimmer would have lungs of steel and would be able to punch some truly massive cones.

While attitudes to weed have started to change across the world (notably in the US), it’s nice to think that if one of the world’s most revered athletes today wanted to relax and celebrate after a tiring Olympic Games with a billy or two, it wouldn’t be an international scandal.

The 31-year-old won said 19th medal in the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay yesterday.

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