Someone just set up a giant weed grow in a Kings Cross shop window

The operation was on full display to the public

A large ‘weed grow’ had been set up overnight in an shopfront window in Sydney’s Kings Cross.

The operation was on full display for people walking down William Street this morning, set up by an anonymous group in the late hours of the night.

The grow was still up at 7am today (April 20), with some early risers getting photos and selfies with the shopfront.

This journalist was lucky enough to have been tipped off by the organisers on the night, who kept the shop locked off.

The stunt was done just in time for 4/20, the largely accepted international day of cannabis.

Group spokesperson – who goes by ‘Craze’ – says they intend to spark debate about the “inadequate laws turning them into criminals” and to “demonstrate the new wave of stoners in the heart of the city killed by alcohol-fuelled violence”.

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