Dope documentary delivers the ratings for SBS

Normally such ‘edgy’ content is reserved for SBS Viceland

Helen Kapalos

SBS last night aired an important documentary about medical cannabis in Australia, The Truth About Medical Marijuana.

Normally such ‘edgy’ content is reserved for SBS’s new channel (in partnership with Vice) SBS Viceland. However, the move to put the doco on SBS 1 seemed to do it favours in the ratings – the show coming in at #26 for the night and pulling a metro audience of 228,000.

The Truth About Medical Marijuana is now available to stream for free on SBS On Demand. Read more about the program below. 

Following the Federal Government’s recent decision to legalise medicinal cannabis last month comes a heart-warming Australian documentary that debunks myths and misconceptions, and presents both sides in the conversation about the use of medical cannabis.

On a quest for full factual insight, dedicated journalist Helen Kapalos and her team travel extensively through Israel – the world leaders in medicinal cannabis research and use. Through interviews with medical practitioners and leading researchers, testimonials from patients in Israel and Australia, the benefits and areas of concern around medical marijuana are explored from all angles.

This remarkable story starts with Lucy and Lou Haslam – a regional NSW couple from Tamworth who first sought the drug to treat their dying son, Dan Haslam. Dan was diagnosed with bowel cancer, and used cannabis to alleviate the chronic nausea associated with chemotherapy.

Through tireless campaigning, the Haslams have brought change to the political and medical landscape in Australia, and even inspired ‘Dan’s Law’ – a bill passed through the Australian Federal Parliament, setting the foundations for a program to grow, supply and regulate medicinal cannabis nationally.

A story of optimism and hope, this documentary digs deep at the roots of a plant that could change the future of medicine.

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