Apparently anally shelving your medical dope is more effective

You can put a lot more in and it gets absorbed a lot better

A bunch of Canadian health experts took to the Huffington Post this week to warn about the health risks of smoking medical weed (as opposed to consuming it by other means).

While we’re all aware of oil going under the tongue or vaping, the first idea to be raised was actually a bit less conventional – and it involves your anus.

Dr. Mikhail Kogan, medical director of the Centre for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University, reckons its difficult to absorb cannabis through the lungs and that stomach acids get in the way when you eat it. Shelving, however, apparently works a treat.

“Rectally is actually a lot more preferred because of the volume of absorption,” He said. “You can put a lot more in and it gets absorbed a lot better… but not everybody is open to this way of administration.”

“We have so many other products now, so many modes of delivery, that smoking in my opinion is very archaic and has very little clinical applicability,” he added.

“Having said that, I think that probably the majority of people still smoke because it’s the most available method.”

Fucken aye it is.

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