Oz rapper Restless on SAFE Clothing and meeting Method Man & Redman

“The ideas come from living and being a part of this lifestyle”

Dopamine chats with Restless – the local legend behind SAFE Clothing (i.e. Stoned As Fuck Everyday), and one of the few people lucky enough to meet hip hop duo Method Man & Redman on their Aussie tour at the end of last year. Restless – who has opened for the likes of The Game and Obie Trice – fills us in on his clothing brand as well as what it was like meeting the iconic duo.

You were lucky enough to meet Method Man and Redman while they were last year. How was it?

Yes, that’s true. I got a call saying that they were having a really bad time in Australia because our “medicine” is so poor… so we had to change that and show them how Australia really smokes. They were cool guys.

Did you get to smoke with Meth and Red? 

I can’t smoke and tell [laughs], but what I can say is that they don’t like anything but blunts, and I mean anything. Blunts or nothing for Red and Meth.


Method Man

We heard you rap a little bit yourself? Can you tell us more about it? Where can we hear your stuff?

I dabble, I’ve had the pleasure of opening up for acts such as The Game and Obie Trice. Just a few months back myself and Sam Hane opened up for Futuristic. There’s a whole heap of new stuff about to drop and you can check it out on my SoundCloud.

What got you into clothing? How did the idea Stoned As Fuck Everyday come about?

I got into the clothing game about the same time as rapping, I opened a clothing store called ROR Urban Wear and ran that for eight years until we closed, so I’ve always been into fashion. SAFE came about from me having an idea that it could not only be a brand but a movement.

Our motto is “stay safe”, because that’s exactly what cannabis is: SAFE. The label of cannabis as a drug is wrong and needs to be corrected. I’ve always wanted to get back into clothing, and when I had this idea it just snowballed so quickly. Everyone from Method Man, Whitespyder pharms to Dabbing Granny and customgrow420 have jumped on board and they all love it.

Dizaster, Restless and White Spyder.

Dizaster, Restless and White Spyder.

Besides cannabis, what are some of the ideas behind the designs?

I want to create a stoner brand that’s fashionable too. The ideas come from living and being a part of this lifestyle – meaning if you live the lifestyle, you will understand the designs. The first lot of designs were pretty much all based around “dabbing”, hence the honey bee with the dab on its stinger and the bear with his pot full of honey.

We have some new designs dropping very soon and we will definitely stamp ourselves as a contender when they drop.

Check out SAFE Clothing’s Facebook, Instagram (which features some great vids of the Dabbing Granny) and website.

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