Fuck off Pauline Hanson, we don’t want your help legalising weed

An open letter to Pauline Hanson from the Dopamine team

First it was Asians. When that didn’t work, it was Muslims. Now, Pauline Hanson and her motley crew of ever-changing morons have set their sights on medicinal cannabis.

The party is now trying to score popularity by trying to appeal to the hugely under-represented medical cannabis patients.

After Pauline’s own lobbying for cannabis reform was shut down earlier this year by PM Turnbull, Queensland One Nation MP Steve Dickson last weekend talked at the Enough Is Enough rally, and this week introduced a bill to “fast-track” medical cannabis in the state.

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Dopamine has this to say: get fucked Pauline, we don’t want your help.

One Nation doesn’t care about cannabis or cannabis patients. Let’s not forget that the party literally plagiarised it’s cannabis policy off Wikipedia.

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And we’re not the only ones that think it.

“I absolutely do not support One Nation’s policies, and I believe that Pauline Hanson is getting on board with cannabis reform to suit her own personal agenda,” Hemployment Australia Chief Business Officer Lorna Bremner told us in the lead-up to the Enough Is Enough protest.

“I worry that a lot of compassionate people will be put off by the cannabis movement if she supports it because many of her other policies are so socially abhorrent.”

And Bremner has hit the nail on the head. It does make us look bad, and we don’t want One Nation fucking it up for us any more.

With the amount of infighting that has always plagued (and continues to plague) One Nation, it’s clear that the party is simply a group of idiots trying to push personal agendas. It’s a party that thrives from populist politics, and doesn’t seem to have any policy other than “be racist and try to appeal to everyone”.

It’s no secret that Pauline will take literally anyone she can get to stand as a candidate. Take the disgraced Rod Culleton (labelled by Pauline as a “pain in the backside” following his resignation)… or the crazy Taiwanese Shan Ju Lin (who apparently didn’t pay attention to Pauline’s whole “Asians breed like rabbits” thing, and was inevitably booted by her party for being staunchly anti-gay)… or climate change denier Malcolm Roberts.

Well, Pauline, when you can’t even run your own thing without your cronies fucking it up, why on earth would we want you fucking up ours? Please find a different popular bandwagon to jump on.

Meanwhile, here’s a Pauline we can all get behind.

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