Medicinal cannabis formally legalised in Oz from November

But will it work out for those who need it?

Although it’s (pretty much) already legal in the only states that count both NSW and Vic, the Therapeutic Goods Administration has this week signed off on medicinal cannabis.

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The move will see cannabis downgraded from a “Schedule 9”, or prohibited drug, to a “Schedule 8” controlled drug, effective from November, and paves the way for the creation of a national regulatory system.

All of this said, medical cannabis campaigner Lucy Haslam told Fairfax she reckons it could be a while before a functional system gives patients the access they need.

Lucy Haslam with Johnny “H-Dog” Howard

She also raised concerns that the industry could be “so bound up in red tape” that it wouldn’t work out.

Dope has been on the up-and-up this year. State regulations in NSW and Vic have changed to allow doctors to prescribe cannabis; more events like the Hemp Health & Innovation Expo and Free Cannabis picnic have been held; and the hemp and dope-friendly industry (places like Pure Haze or D’Munchies) continues to grow.

June's Free Cannabis picnic

June’s Free Cannabis picnic

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We at Dopamine are stoked to see so many moves in the right direction, and look forward to seeing even more over the next few years.

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