Review: Test-driving glass one-hitters

Are they any good?

Hit it once, hit it twice, but don’t hit it three times because you’ll get a mouthful of ash.

I dropped into D’Munchies in Newtown the other day to get myself a big ass burger and while I was there I noticed they had a range of glass one-hitters. My curiosity was piqued so i thought “fuck it”, and took a few home with me.

I haven’t had much experience with these little bad-boys before so it was interesting to try a new kind of smoking apparatus. Granted, I’ve tried a lot of ways to get high and one-hitters certainly have their place among them, but it’s quite a niche and specific place.

It’s time to be blunt. We’re a nation of bong-smokers. In fact, as you may know, we’re the biggest bong-heads per capita in the world (yeah Straya!). Although this is a source of pride for many (nobody rips a cone like an Aussie), it can also be a source of shame (nobody rips a cone like an Aussie). But there’s one thing that I’m sure of: bongs definitely aren’t the way to get non-smokers on our side. To the unseasoned lung, bongs are intimidating and gross. Think about that friend of yours who smokes once in a blue moon. Are they more likely to rip your towering glass piece/backyard Orchy, or are they more likely to have a few tokes of a joint or a pipe? I think you’ll find the latter to be more true.

This is where one-hitters become a valuable asset. They are like midway between a joint and a bong. They have the feeling of smoking a joint (toking, not ripping) but they don’t involve the hassle or skill required to roll a good joint. Plus, you don’t need to use as much weed — you can load up a little nug, have a few tokes and go about your business. Beware though: the toking takes a bit of getting used to. Too soft and you won’t get much smoke, too hard and you’ll get a mouth full of ash. If you get it right though, one-hitters provide a pretty clean, smooth hit.

he real perk for a regular smoker though, is how small and inconspicuous they are. You can carry one of these around in your pocket without it weighing you down too much, bulging conspicuously, or soaking your pants with bong water, and the lack of prep means you can toke on the go.

If joints and bongs are in the centre of our weed culture, one-hitters can establish a place in the close periphery. They aren’t the sort of thing that’s going to replace your regular way to smoke, but it’s certainly worth having one in your arsenal. They’re small, cheap, inconspicuous, resilient and, if nothing else, a point of conversation when your mates come around. So next time you’re in Newtown, stop in at D’Munchies for a burger and, if you’re feeling adventurous, leave with a new piece of glass. Why the fuck not, eh?

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