“Beer + grass and you’re on your arse,” say Colorado state officials

No cannabis permits for liquor-licenced venues says Colorado

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The Colorado government has announced that Denver venues with a liquor licence will be ineligible for the newly-announced cannabis use permits, much to the dismay of locals that enjoy a beer with their spliff.

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The ruling was made last Friday, two days after it was announced that the vote to allow the public use of cannabis in Colorado’s capital city had been won by the pro-cannabis side.

The ruling was made because the combination of weed and booze “increases impairment”.

“After carefully considering all impacts to Coloradans and industry, this rule is in the best interests of public health and safety resulting from public and dual consumption,” Barbara Brohl, executive director of the respective Liquor and Marijuana Enforcement Divisions, told AP.

Meanwhile, local business owners – notably restaurateurs – are unhappy with the ruling.

Daniel Landes is one such restaurant owner, who has a fully stocked bar but also wants the option of holding cannabis-friendly events.

“I’m in the hospitality business, and there is no place like this to use marijuana. That is inhospitable,” he told AP.

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