The Bennies talk smoking weed on tour

Dopamine speaks to The Bennies about life on the road when you’re a toker

Ian Laidlaw

“Psychedelic-reggae-ska-doom-metal” punks from hell (and notorious tokers) The Bennies are just under halfway through their biggest tour yet – the second phase of their Wisdom Machine tour – which by the end will have seen them do 27 dates in just six weeks.

Having a grill whenever you want one can be a challenge at the best of times, let alone when you’re trawling across Australia in a tour bus for six weeks: no regular dealer, no regular sesh spots, etc etc. But that hasn’t stopped The Bennies, who give us the lowdown to smoking dope on the road.

How’s the tour going so far? Any highlights?

The tour has been rad so far. The ‘high’-lights being getting to hang with Clowns and Axe Girl, watching them be amazing night after night. Australia has really stepped up its chronic game, we’ve been blazing hard on this tour.

“When we hit the road, our friends and fans hook us up with all kinds of strains that they’ve cultivated”

In a recent piece for BRAG magazine you mentioned rolling in the van on tour. Who does the best doobs?

We all have our specialty. It would be between me [Jules] and Anty. Anty definitely rolls a mean fucken joint. He also has quantity on his side, one joint after the other. By the time you’re done smoking a joint with him, you’ve actually smoked four or five spliffs, it’s wonderful.

This is your biggest tour to date – does being on the road get in the way of consumption patterns?

Our love for weed is becoming fairly well known now and when we hit the road, our friends and fans hook us up with all kinds of strains that they’ve cultivated. We’ve smoked and eaten some of the best smoke ever on this tour: consumption patterns have increased, if that’s possible.

You’re stopping at a lot of regional spots – how does the smoking culture in towns compare with that of Melbourne?

I’ve smoked quite a lot of sativa in the regional spots and also some high grade indica. In the cities it’s mainly indica strains. Both are lifting their concentrates game, which is great to see.


You’ve played Europe before, and are jetting there after this tour. How’s the weed over there?

The weed is atomic in Europe. They have been producing weapon-grade weed for years, so it’s no surprise. It’s pure joy to consume and I look forward to pounding it when we return.

You’re playing Nimbin next week – are you excited?

We’ve never played in Nimbin before, we’re really looking forward to it. It was a matter of time before we got there I’m glad it’s finally happening. The climate up north is perfect for cultivation, I’m getting stoned just thinking abut it.

Ever been too baked to play?


See the dates for the rest of the tour below! Tix here

Wed June 22 – Club 54 – Launceston, TAS
Thur June 23 – Brisbane Hotel – Hobart, TAS
Fri June 24 – Max Watts – Melbourne, VIC
Sat June 25 – Pelly Bar – Frankston, VIC
Sun June 26 – Karova Lounge – Ballarat, VIC

Wed June 29 – Mynt – Werribee, VIC
Thur June 30 – Barwon Club – Geelong, VIC
Fri July 1 – The Gov – Adelaide, VIC
Sat July 2 – Village Green –  Mulgrave, VIC
Sun July 3 – Music Man – Bendigo, VIC

Wed July 6 – Mairners – Batemans Bay, NSW
Thur July 7 – The Basement – Canberra, ACT
Fri July 8 – University Of Wollongong –  Wollongong, NSW
Sat July 9 – Factory Theatre – Sydney, NSW
Sun July 10 – Small Ballroom – Newcastle, NSW

Wed July 13 – Nimbin Bush Theatre – Nimbin, NSW
Thur July 14 – Miami Tarven – Gold Coast, QLD
Fri July 15 – Spotted Cow – Toowoomba, QLD
Sat July 16 – The Triffid – Brisbane, QLD
Sun July 17 – Sol Bar – Maroocydore,  QLD

Thur July 21 – Flinders Social – Townsville, QLD #
Fri July 22 – The Grand – Cairns, QLD #
Sat July 23 – Railway Club – Darwin, NT #

Thur July 28 – Tambrey Tavern – Karratha, WA #
Fri July 29 – Rosemount – Perth, WA *
Sat July 30 – Studio 146 – Albany, WA *
Sun July 31 – Prince of Wales – Bunbury, WA *

# The Bennies Only
* The Bennies & Axe Girl only

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