SA doctors can now prescribe cannabis without approval

“It gives South Australian patients easy access”

Doctors in South Australia are this week free to prescribe medical cannabis to patients without government approval.

In an attempt to ‘slash red tape’ the SA Government will allow the prescription of cannabis products approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for up to two months.

“We heard that it was extra red tape and an extra layer of administration for doctors to have to get state approval every single time, for every single patient prescribed medicinal cannabis,”acting Premier Kyam Maher told the ABC.

Queensland moved to allow the prescription of cannabis from March 2017 in October last year.

“[There has been] a lot of consultation with medical professionals, industry representatives and health consumers to come up with what is a good balance between making sure that the drug is approved, and safe,” said Maher.

“[It gives] South Australian patients easy access if their medical specialist thinks it’s of benefit for them.”

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