First-ever Aussie adult animation Pacific Heat announced, looks like Archer

The 13-part series follows an undercover special unit called “Pacific Heat”

The first-ever local adult animation Pacific Heat will premiere on Sunday November 27 on The Comedy Channel, Foxtel has announced.

The 13-part series is set on the Gold Coast, and follows an undercover special unit called “Pacific Heat” – established to deal with everything from petty crime to international drug cartels. Naturally, the team is not afraid to operate outside the law.

While the show may sound and look a shitload like our beloved Archer, it is being put together by the talented team over at Working Dog productions – who have been responsible for the likes of Utopia, The Hollowmen, Frontline and more.

Voice actors on the series include Working Dog staple Rob Sitch (as the rule-bending Special Agent Todd), Santo Cilauro (as tough-man Special Agent Zac Valentic) Tom Gleisner (as The Chief) and more.

While we’re sure our cunting Aussie vernacular will make for some half decent gags, we’re also hoping this is more than simply an Aussie Archer. Mind you, we’re sure there is ample ammunition for gags around the notoriously dickheadish Qld cops.

Don’t have Foxtel? Yeah, neither do we. The series has been sold to Netflix for regions outside Oz (if you’re lucky and your VPN hasn’t been blocked yet). Ooooor you could just torrent it. Happy stoned watching!

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